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Callaway Tri-Ball Practice Net

Golfer using the Tri Ball Callaway netAfter testing out quite a few different types of net the Callaway Tri-Ball practice net for use in the garden or in the home with a golf simulator is hard to beat. Sold as a kit the net comes fully loaded with a ball dispenser as well as a hitting mat.

Overview and Quality

I have used many different golf nets over the years and most have a very short life. As with the majority of outdoor products, quality is vital, especially in the UK weather! Poles that quickly rust and nets that easily tear are common problems with lower quality nets.  Callaway have a brand to defend so they have put extra effort into the build quality of this product to ensure it lasts and you get your moneys worth.


As this is the largest net in the Tri-Ball series, coming in at 9 feet you can be assured that it will be big enough to allow practice with your full range of clubs. Getting a smaller net might be ideal for tight indoor spaces but for outside use, the bigger the better!

Ease of Use

Setting up and packing away is super quick and easy – some nets can be a real pain and almost need two people to assemble. This net is really easy and it also comes with a handy carry bag to keep everything together in one place and away from dirt.

Construction and Feature

The mesh material is formed from the strongest nylon which is certainly strong enough to withstand repeated impacts from golf balls – even the strongest of golfers will be fine with the product. The logo you see in the middle of the net is well designed as it absorbs sound after impact reducing noise and ensuring neighbors are not bothered with hours of noisy swing practice.


To help you gain the best experience from this product a small hitting mat and ball feeder has been included. This really does help as it saves your back from additional strain over sustained practice periods. The feeder works fairly well but some users have found it occasionally sticks which can be slightly annoying.

Callaway Ball Feeder



Aside from the useful accessories the Tri Ball net is probably one of the strongest and well designed for ease of use nets I have seen and comes highly recommended. The secret to improving golf and building consistency is hard work and practice, having the ability to work on your swing at home can make all the difference.

To see what other customers have to say or get the latest pricing visit Amazon by clicking here.


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