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Game Golf Digital Tracking System Review

Game Golf PackagingAs the second generation of this tracking system is launched we thought it would be well worth taking a deeper look. The product is capable of tracking your entire round of golf – shot by shot – allowing you to sit in the comfort of your home and analyse various game components.

Let’s take a deeper look and see how everything works and whether it’s worth the money!



Golf Swing Tracking

The good news with the latest version of the Game Golf Live is that everything is uploaded immediately to your smart phone as opposed to the previous model that just collected data to be analysed at home. The data is available instantly in real time allowing you to analyse swing data as you play. In order to get everything working you will need a couple of different components. The first is a plastic data unit that you can either attach to your belt of a golf bag – it needs to be close as you will have to touch the top of the club onto this unit quickly before each swing. A small plastic disc is then required to be inserted to the top of each and every club in your bag – this is known as a tag.

It may sound a little bit complex but most golfers find the system easy to use after playing a round or two and getting used to it. See the picture below to see how simple it is.

Disc in Club

Once the receiver has tagged which club you are using it simply picks up data about the shot and utilizes GPS to work out where you are on the golf course automatically. Once you arrive at your ball and tag the next club the system can easily work out shot distances without you having to do anything. I did find it took me a few rounds to get used to it as sometimes I simply forgot to tag before hitting the ball! After a couple of rounds it almost becomes second nature and you will just touch the tag out of habit without really thinking about it.

The system makes use of GPS to work out where you are on the golf course. After you have taken a shot and you walk over to the ball (ready for the next shot) the system can work out distances and other important swing data which will be passed onto your smart phone.

What Swing Data is Displayed?

The following data is captured

  • Fairway Accuracy
  • GIR
  • Shot Distance
  • Putts per Hole

Once you get home you simply upload the data collected from your round to your PC or MAC.  As you capture more and more rounds you will slowly build up a nice database of shot data making it possible to pick out small weaknesses in your game. I found it especially helpful with improving club selection through the distance data – many of us over or under club with a certain iron fairly often without realizing – especially over months of play. Picking up these small problems makes it easy to tighten your game and improves consistency.

Although can view the data on the fly as you play through the course you can download all the data to your PC at a later stage to review your game and see where improvements can be made. I found this particularly useful when it came to improving club selection on my local golf course. Working on small adjustments like this can really help when you play the same course over and over – building up data over a long period starts to show patterns which you may otherwise overlook. Shot dispersion data can also help you to look into areas which need a little bit more focus, this would be the perfect opportunity to zero in key areas for time at the driving range!

Live Game Data on Iphone or Android

As you collect data on your golf swing, like distance after a shot, it will immediately be available on your mobile phone. Although it is great to have feedback in real-time it could irritate your golf partners if you are constantly looking at your phone! The system supports Iphone IOS as well as most Android phones. The images below demonstrate some of the real-time screens. These show (in order) shot tracking, range finding and club distances.

Game Golf Live Screens


Analyzing your Golf at Home

Once you are back in the comfort of your home you can upload the data to your PC or Mac for further analysis. Stats can even be shared among like minded golfers for comment and help. The image below gives you an idea of the capabilities of the product in the home.


Shot Data Analysis


Whats Included

You get the capture device, 18 tags, USB cable and  a protective cover in the box and the manufacturer provides a 1 year limited guarantee.


The Game Golf Tracking System is a fantastic tool for golfers of any skill level to gain a little bit more insight by delving deeper into the game data collected. Once a few games have been played the game database will help identify weaker areas making it easier to focus on them during practice time. Endorsed by the PGA and featured on the Golf Channel this product is sure to become more popular.

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