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Optishot 2 Review

The long awaited upgrade to the best selling Optishot has finally arrived with the 2015 launch of the Optishot 2 golf simulator. The original model has been popular since early 2009 so it was about time for an upgrade. Surprisingly, with such a large market, the choice for home simulators is limited but the Optishot 2 has everything needed to aid in improving your golf.

Let’s take a good look and see what this new model offers and how it can help you become a better golfer.

Optishot 2 Features Optishot 2 - Box

The latest version has a couple of extra features

  •  Windows and Mac OS (Mac not included on the previous model)
  • Sensors have been re-designed for better tracking of the golf swing
  • New – Live Optishot environment – connect and challenge your friends over the internet (they will need an Optishot 2 as well)
  • Lot’s of golf courses to keep things interesting


Although it was possible to run Windows emulation on Mac OS it has been reported that glitches and problems were a constant problem. The good news is that the Optishot 2 fully supports Mac OS making it officially available for Apple users.

Club House on Golf Course

A golf simulator would be pretty ineffective without the ability to fully track the entire golf swing as accurately as possible. Considering the different prices between professional and home based models we can safely say that the Optishot 2 is capable of tracking accurately. Fitted with new 48MHZ sensors (infra-red) the club head position is tracked from address to the final point of follow through. After each swing you will see comprehensive data on screen consisting of the following :-


Face Impact Angle

Swing Path Reading

Shot Shape

Clubhead Speed

Swing Tempo

Face Contact Area


The data returned is enough to help diagnose swing problems as well as assist with accuracy improvement for those that want to spend additional time at home working the swing. Having the ability to practice regularly is the real key to consistency and ultimately lowering that handicap!

The simulator can be used in a few different modes

  • Driving Range Mode – Excellent for working on the golf swing
  • Golf Course Emulation – Play full rounds of golf on some of the worlds top courses
  • Online – Get your mates involved as you play against them over the internet (Optishot required for both)

Lake on the Golf Course

Supplied Golf Courses

The courses listed out below  are included (Gold Selection) and these can support up to 4 players online. You are able to choose your best golf hole from any of the courses listed below to use in driving range mode.

  Torrey White – Torrey Black – Palm Desert Mountains – Barseback Golf Club – The Canadian Club – Warwick Hills – Fylde Links – Osterakers Golf Club – Long Island Black – The Golf Club, Scottsdale – Palm Desert Canyons – West Maui Plantation

Platinum Selection has even more to ensure you keep having fun with your Optishot. These can be bought online.

 Royal St Marks – Red Wickers – Firth of Forth – Windy City Club – Whispering Dunes – Capitol Club – Old Scot – Atlanta Highlands – Jones Lake – Melbourne Golf Club – Golden Gate Club – Carolina Ocean Course – Ponte Vedra – Monterey Classic – Hoylake – Valholl, Atlanta Highlands, Blue Behemoth, Chambers Links, Gleneaglais, Jacks Dream, Palmers Place, Red Wickers, The Byron, Rubber City Country Club, Valero, 

Hitting Matt

Golf Game Types

To keep things interesting Optishot offers most styles of gameplay that golfers will be used to. The full list is shown below. Play is available in either right or left hand, something not all simulators offer. Within the setup there is the ability to configure just about everything from the game play sounds to custom weather conditions – this helps with wind practice as well. Saving a game at any point is also offered allowing golfers to come back and complete an activity at a later stage.


Match Play

Better Ball

Stroke Play

Best Ball



Alternate Shots

Custom Game Length

Top View with Club

Setup and Requirements

Installing this product at home will require a room large enough to accommodate a golf swing. This can be a problem for many English homes as the sensors used to track the club head do not work well outdoors. 8.5 foot of clearance is recommended to ensure the ceiling remains intact! Personally, I have mine setup in the garage, with a little bit of planning this will often be the best solution as getting setup takes a bit of time so ideally the simulator is best left in place after a session. You can choose to use practice golf balls if you are tight for room or worried about causing damage, real golf balls for the best effect and realism. It is possible to practice without using any golf ball although this doesn’t really appeal to me!

Results Screen


When using the Optishot you have the option of using a vast range of displays depending on the size of your room and your budget. The simulator works perfectly well with a normal monitor or TV screen but for the most realistic experience you can use a projector. When it comes to the PC hardware you could get away with most modern laptops but faster processors and video cards will make game play seamless and the graphics sharper. Although you can get away with various hardware configurations it is recommended to invest in a decent hitting mat to really make the most of your time with Optishot. A custom mat like this OPTI3660 36″ x 60″ XL Golf Mat For The OptiShot Golf Simulator will do the trick as it stops the smaller Optishot mat moving during the golf swing and ensures your feet are at the right level with the hitting surface.


Looking at products available and the price I have no hesitation in recommending the Optishot 2 for home users that want to work on swing improvements or just have some fun playing virtual course alone or on the internet with friends.

Visit Amazon to find out more information, customer feedback or get your Optishot 2 now



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