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The Net Return Review

When it comes to finding the best practice golf net there are plenty┬áto choose from. Almost every size and combination is freely available to suit inside rooms and garden practice areas. One of the best nets available right now, The Net Return, has an interesting feature that I felt was well worth talking about – no matter where you hit the ball it ends up being returned to your feet! Quite how that seems to work is still somewhat of a mystery but in all honesty it works extremely well.

Net Return Inside

Building your swing takes time, effort and a lot of dedication – the net return can help speed up your practice sessions as you can avoid stopping to collect golf balls. Also, you can spare your back a bit of extra effort when it comes to collecting a bunch of balls when you have finished a session!

Although we are primarily concerned about golf on this site it is worth noting that the net can also work for other sports such as football, softball and baseball. This is a great feature as it might well be the family can use it for a diverse range of sports!

The video below shows the net in action…




You would have seen in the video how easy it is to setup in less than 5 minutes. I have a couple of different nets that I have used over the years and trust me, they can be a real pain to setup when you are on your own! Having irritating nets like these really defeats the object as there is a good chance are you will not use it that regularly. The Net Return ships with a handy carry bag to make it simple to pack away after use for easy storage.
Components are high quality and the entire net is made in the USA! Although it is not cheap, it should last for many years.

One of the additional benefits of the product is the ease of assemble. I have had my fair share of golf nets and I know many of them are a real pain. This net can be fully assembled in close to 5 minutes making it super simple to use if you want a quick practice session. Leaving it up would be first prize but for many of us that is not an option due to room available at home. Professional installations would generally keep the net in place and as the poles are manufactured in the USA the product offers superior quality against the winter weather. A handy carry bag is also included to keep the net packed away nicely when not in use.

The Net Return Storage Bag



I am sure every single golfer knows the route to a better handicap and consistent level of play comes down to the amount of practice and effort put in. Having the Net Return at your disposable is a great way to practice and ensure you become a better golfer. Click here to visit Amazon for more information and customer feedback.



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